Lectures & Panels

Slippage in Natural Hedges - SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics and Engineering (November, 2016)

Assets and Structured Hedges in Energy Markets - INFORMS (November, 2016)

Recent Events in Energy Markets: A Market View — USAEE Conference (Pittburgh, October 2015)

Power Generation and Related Hedges: Valuation, Pitfalls and Hedge Ratings — GARP Webinar (July, 2015)

Lending, Building and Trading in a Low Liquidity World — IPAM Workshop on on Commodities Markets and their Financialization (UCLA, May 2015)

Managing Market Risk in a Low Price Environment — GARP Webinar (March, 2015)

"Too Many Prices?" - Energy Finance 2014 - Erice, Italy

Dislocations in North American Energy Markets - University of Duisburg-Essen

A Valuation Exercise - Princeton University

Fields Institute Lectures – University of Toronto

Princeton RTG Lectures - Princeton University