Natural Gas Trading in North America by Richard Lassander and Glen Swindle"Natural Gas Trading in North America" by Richard Lassander and Glen Swindle

From Natural Gas Trading in North America presents the core knowledge required to work on a natural gas trading desk in North America. The material surveyed spans historical market context, fundamental drivers and the mechanics and instruments used to trade and risk manage a natural gas portfolio. This book is intended to be accessible to a broad array of readers, from those trading markets directly, to origination, structuring and control groups, as well as those working in investment banking and project development for whom an understanding of how the markets are traded is essential in their daily activities.

Valuation and Risk Management in Energy Markets by Glen Swindle"Valuation and Risk Management in Energy Markets" by Glen Swindle

From Valuation and Risk Management in Energy Markets surveys the mechanics of energy markets and the valuation of structures commonly arising in practice. The presentation balances quantitative issues and practicalities facing portfolio managers, with substantial attention paid to the ways in which common methods fail in practice and to alternative methods when they exist. The material spans basic fundamentals of markets, statistical analysis of price dynamics, and a sequence of increasingly challenging structures, concluding with issues arising at the enterprise level. In totality, the material has been selected to provide readers with the analytical foundation required to function in modern energy trading and risk management groups.


"JP Morgan exits power markets with Mercuria deal" by Alexander Osipovich (10/09/14)